Alpert Farm In Moshav Beit Gamliel

Since 2004, the Alpert Farm specializes in growing passion fruit, and producing superb liqueurs. Moshav Beit Gamliel is located in the low land of Israel next to the city Yavne. Yavne became the center of the Jewish world after the destruction of the second Temple. The center of the Jewish supreme court (Sanhedrin) with the chief Rabbi Gamliel, From the passion fruit crops we observe Tel Yavne where it is presumed that the Sanhedrin was established. .

Since 2004 the Alpert Farm specializes in growing passion fruit, and produces superb liqueurs. Passion Fruit (in Hebrew pasiflora) originating in Brazil, is now grown in the Holy Land of Israel. The Moshav Beit Gamliel Distillery, located in the lowland of Israel has transformed pure, organically tended & grown fruit into a new, exciting liqueur that excels in its smooth taste and fruity aroma. This tropical fruit from the Passion Dream species is also known for its stress relief and calming features as well as high concentration of Anti-Oxidants in the vitamin C Ascorbic Acid


Moshav Beit Gamliel 63 ---ISRAEL

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